One of the Amadip.esment’s premises

One of the amadip.esment’s premises

amadip.esment foundation is a Majorca-based organisation that has been creating opportunities for mentally handicapped people for over fifty years. By providing training, assessment and career advice, long-term jobs, accommodation, leisure and sports activities, as well as psychological and social counselling, amadip.esment foundation works to make the principle of equal legal and human rights a reality. The organisation helps to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, offering them the same opportunities for personal and social development as other citizens.
A worker at Amadip.esment

A worker at amadip.esment

Working at amadip.esment’s printing facilities

amadip.esment’s printing facilities

EnsaimadArt is a project whose centrepiece is Majorca’s most emblematic product, the ensaimada. Its aim is to raise awareness of amadip.esment foundation’s work, to extend it by inspiring new social initiatives, as well as to raise Majorca’s profile at an international level.